Links     – Bill Harrison – Co-caller for Aqua Squares – online video square dance lessons. – animated square dance lessons for Mainstream, Plus, through C3.  Shows all calls from various starting positions. – The Washington Area Square Dancers Cooperative Association, WASCA, is a cooperative association of dance clubs in the greater Washington, DC area.  Find information about WASCA activities, area clubs and festivals.

The publication for this organization is Calls N Cues.   The link is

If you wish to link to a specific issue you would need to click on that issue, and then copy the url from the address bar.

If you wish to link to a specific page you would need to bring that page up on the screen and then use that url – Website for Callerlab, the International Association of Professional Square Dance Callers.  Find information about square dance programs (Mainstream, Plus, etc.), definitions, etc.

callerlab – Southern Maryland Traditional Music and Dance (SMTMD) preserves and promotes traditional folk music and dance in the Southern Maryland area.